About Melissa




Melissa Wilkinson’s contagious smile and extroverted nature left a resounding impact on her hometown of Norwalk. She befriended everyone she met, becoming an encouraging force to those close to her. Her heart was led by a love for adventure and the arts. Her desire to help others and her courageous manner made her an invaluable member of the community.

Melissa was born in July of 1983. She graduated from Norwalk High School and later attended Norwalk Community College to pursue a degree in graphic design.  Melissa made a life for herself as a beloved server and bartender at numerous popular restaurants in South Norwalk and later as an employee at Saks Fifth Avenue in Greenwich. She was an avid boater and enjoyed hiking in local parks with her chocolate lab, Lily. She combined her love of the water and the arts at The Norwalk Boat Club where she was a regular contributor to karaoke. Her spirit and love of life shone brightly each time she sang, painted or supported those around her.

Many people like Melissa, possess a strong passion for the arts but are never able to reach their goals due to financial constraints.  

The Melissa Wilkinson Foundation, founded in 2018 shortly after Melissa’s passing, seeks to support local Norwalk artists, who are looking to enhance their artistic skills by providing scholarships and microgrants.